PVP K30 (Povidone)

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PVP K30 (povidone) is a versatile and essential ingredient for many different types of products. Tablets and capsules wouldn’t be able to hold their shape without it, ophthalmic solutions wouldn’t be able to form a film on the eye, and liquids and chewable tablets would be less flavorful. PVP K30 is also an important adhesive for transdermal systems. In short, PVP K30 is an incredibly useful product with a wide range of applications.

Most Trusted PVP K30 API Supplier in India

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PVP K-30 is an excellent pharmaceutical grade binder that can be used in various ways to help tablets and granules adhere, dissolve easily or repel water. It’s also useful for injections because it provides stability when mixed with other medicines while offering dispersing properties during capsule filling procedures; Polyvinylpyrrolidone (PVP) has been employed as both pigment cupric salt catalyst (for dark rays) but more importantly helps break up deposited toxins within the body through chemical reactions triggered by heat shock